Dead To Sin…Seriously!

Dead To Sin? How does that work?

Our experience might argue that we are not dead to sin, but in Romans 6.1-11, Paul presents a powerful proof that God’s grace does not justify any pursuit of sin in our lives. He calls that argument ridiculous and explains that we are free cheap lasix for dogs not to sin because we died to sin when we died with Christ. His argument presents 16 facts that we need to know about Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection that all believers need to know and believe.

Now that I have put my faith in Jesus as my savior, I need to know these things are true about me and I need to choose to believe them and live according to them:

  1. God put me into (baptized) Christ Jesus (Rom 6.3,1Cor. 1.30)
  2. He put me into his death (Rom 6.3)
  3. He buried me with him into death (Rom 6.4)
  4. The Father raised Christ from the dead (Rom 6.4)
  5. I now live a new life in Christ (Rom 6.4)
  6. God united me with Christ in his death (Rom 6.5)
  7. He united me with Christ in his resurrection (Rom 6.5)
  8. God crucified my old identity with Jesus (Rom 6.6)
  9. My identity with sin is canceled (Rom 6.6)
  10. My obligation to obey sin is removed (Rom 6.6)
  11. Since I died I became free from sin (Rom 6.7)
  12. Since I died with Christ I now live with Christ (Rom 6.8)
  13. The resurrected Christ will never die again (Rom 6.9)
  14. Death is not Christ’s master (Rom 6.9)
  15. He died to sin once for us all (Rom 6.10)
  16. He now lives to God (Rom 6.10)

Therefore I choose to believe that I too am dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus (Rom 6.11).

This truth is essential for all genuine growth in the Christian life. Unless we accept this reality, the rest of the book of Romans falls apart and our freedom and hope in Christ will never come together for us. Perhaps this is a significant reason why today’s church is so confused and generally ineffective in the face of worldwide cultural assault.

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