How do you live the Christian life anyway!?

buy prednisone with mastercard From the dawn of man’s relationship with God, that relationship has always been a “by grace through faith” relationship. The relationship was conceived and offered out of God’s grace and is received and experienced through man’s faith in God. This is still the case because God is the source of all that man needs, LIFE.

Today we come into a LIFE giving relationship with God in this same way. God offers us LIFE through Jesus; we put trust in God’s divinely human messiah and LIFE assumes residence within us. Whether we call it born again or getting saved or coming to know Christ there is no other way to have LIFE apart from this remarkable relationship with God, his Son and the Spirit. This is the beginning.

Our awareness of this unique relationship may happen in a moment; it may grow over the course of weeks or months as in my experience; or it might creep into our consciousness through the passage of years. The beginning is important, but it is only the beginning.

Once we become aware that a beginning has taken place, we face the challenge of how to sustain this transforming relationship. As with the beginning, God’s grace is the constant. His desire is to make his LIFE fully available to us from the beginning to forever. He has made it simple for us to grow and experience his LIFE consistently by following the same “by grace through faith” pattern that created our beginning. We live the LIFE by grace through faith also.

If God’s grace is the constant, our faith is the variable. While we can never go backwards beyond the beginning, we certainly can deprive ourselves of the daily benefits of LIFE by forgetting that trusting in God’s love and grace offers a daily reward of peace and joy and rest that we can never count on from any other source.

There is this simplicity to living and thriving in this challenging time that the “by grace through faith” practice provides us. I call this “simply LIFE.”

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