“How does God really feel about me?”

go site As A.W. Tozer suggested many years ago what we think about God is probably the most important thing about us. If you’ve attempted to figure God out by randomly jumping on the internet to sort it all out, you may have come away with more questions than answers. Add to that the various opinions that are offered to us by family and friends or well meaning but fallible ministers and TV celebrities, then we often find our heads spinning and ourselves even less sure than we started.

follow url I believe God is someone who wants to be known. He desires for us to understand his care for us and He has been very intentional about showing his heart for us in a variety of understandable ways:

  • As creator of the world in which we live he has given us a concrete manifestation of how magnificent and elegant his creativity is.
  • He has personally interacted with and revealed his presence to various men and women over the course of human history.
  • He has insured the retelling of the story of his relationship and interaction with his creation by preserving it in a book known as the Bible.
  • In establishing the church on Earth he offers a universal covenant community as an embassy and sanctuary for his followers.
  • He has guaranteed the covenant mission of his church by locating himself in the creation through the presence of his own spirit within his followers.

However, the clearest evidence of God’s desires and affections for us is seen in the man known as Jesus Christ. In his own words he said that he came that we might have LIFE. It is through the unique person and mission of Jesus on Earth that we can most clearly understand how God feels about us. Unless we come to know Jesus we can neither understand God nor can we fully understand ourselves.

I often say that the answer to the question “How does God really feel about me?” is “Jesus.”

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