buy ciprodex Birthright, David Needham
This was the book that in 1982 challenged me to think differently about my identity in Christ. Get the older version if you can find it. Lifetime Guarantee, Bill Gillham
Through their conferences, books and conversations, Bill and Anabel Gillham put meat on the bare bones of our understanding of what it means to be a new creation in Christ.

The Normal Christian Life, Watchman Nee
This classic is an eye opening discussion of Romans chapters 5-8, the Biblical core to understanding the Gospel.

The Rest of the Gospel, Dan Stone
Stone explains what it means for us to be united with Jesus.  It’s great for understanding our identity, but also highlights what our union with Christ means for discipleship including some of the most practical material I’ve ever read on how the gospel applies to our daily living. (Thx CJ Whiteacre)

The Naked Gospel, Andrew Farley
This great book establishes a foundational understanding of EL distinctives.  Farley does a great job putting very profound theological truths into conversational chapters that are easy to read and simple to follow. (Thx CJ Whiteacre)

Free To Live, John Eldredge
I was reminded of and challenged to daily live in the freedom that I have in and through the grace and life of Jesus Christ. “Free to Live” backs up these truths with Scripture after Scripture that unpack and remind me of the truth of who I am in Christ. This book will free you to live and know Jesus more as your life. (Thx Stephen Hampton)

31 Days of Praise, Ruth Myers
I have used this devotional book for years, both personally and as a counseling tool. It is solidly biblical and demonstrates how we can pray scripture that glorifies God and renews our minds.

Day By Day By Grace, Bob Hoekstra
I discovered this devotional in early 2015. It may the most grace focused devotional book I have come across, demonstrating God’s grace daily from the Old and New Testaments.