simplylife2“Simply LIFE” has become the prevailing theme of our lives and our ministry. The phrase captures two facets of our relationship to Jesus that I believe can make the Christian life more experiential and fulfilling for all who choose to receive God’s offer of salvation.

“LIFE” is the fulcrum. Jesus taught that he and LIFE are identical. The beginning point is a faith based relationship with Jesus. Anyone who has that relationship has LIFE, period. To have LIFE is to have access to the perfect human character, mind and power of Jesus. The implications of this reality can truly boggle the human mind.

“Simply” describes the approach we take as we choose to receive and experience the benefits of this mind boggling relationship with Jesus. By putting everything related to living and godliness in Jesus, God has made the Christian life simple. For us LIFE resides in only one source, the person of Jesus. This means we have only one place to turn to meet our needs and that is simply Jesus. Faith always finds LIFE only in Jesus.

Simply LIFE explains God’s complete provision for all who seek it, Our goal is to help all who seek it to experience it.