“What is so different about the Christian life anyway?”

buy viagra online legally uk The miraculous outcome of a life surrendered to Christ is that a person becomes a new creation. This is a game changer. The implications of this new spiritual reality are radical and numerous. However, we can begin to grasp its meaning by considering two fundamental phrases that describe the remarkable new relationship that the person has with God: Christ in you and you in Christ.

http://instantsignsco.com/bannersforseniors/ The first phrase, Christ in you, affirms Gods commitment to insure that internal transformation actually happens. It is one thing when a friend stands at a safe distance and points out to us the things that need to be corrected in our lives. It is quite a different thing when the friend moves in with us and offers their own resources to bring about the changes. The latter is what we get with Christ. When he responds to our faith, he moves his life inside us and begins to do the work that only he can accomplish. With his life in us we truly have LIFE and experience the realistic hope that we can actually be new creations.

The other phrase, you in Christ, is the way the Bible describes the new position we have as new creations. There are lots of benefits to being in Christ. Before Christ we were not part of Christ’s family, now in him we are full-fledged brothers and sisters with him. In him we become beneficiaries of all that is his – his character, his holiness, his victory over death and sin, his grace. and much, much more. To be in Christ is to stand in the most glorious and incredible position imaginable. It is to stand in LIFE.

Have you  ever wondered how you can get closer to God? Think about this: If it is true that a Christian is someone who is in Christ and someone in whom Christ lives, then how can we get any closer to God than “in” him?

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